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What Parents Are Saying

"We tried everything to get our busy, strong-willed Pre-K son to work with us at home when he needed some extra support to be Kindergarten ready. We reached out to Dr. Truong for help. She evaluated him and we developed an intervention plan together. Our son is Kindergarten ready thanks to Dr. Truong. Most importantly, she helped him gain the confidence in himself and his abilities that he desperately needed and so deserves"

"We have seen a HUGE improvement at home. Her ability to sound out words has greatly improved and I’m seeing improvement on her fluency. She’s not getting frustrated when she reads now either- which is so great to see. She’s a lot more confident"

"I approached Dr. Truong as a friend, but she's now also our advocate and partner. She's provided sound advice to interpreting reports and IEP recommendations for my son with a dyslexia diagnosis. She's provided frequent progress monitoring embedded within lessons which gives me peace of mind. Dr. Truong has been more than just a learning specialist but is part of my village to best navigate and understand my son, the uncharted territory of his challenges, and the variety of resources available."

"We had our son evaluated by Dr. Truong after a progress report from school indicated he was struggling to reach key milestones. She made the evaluation process so easy and enjoyable for our son - and also for us as parents! Dr. Truong is such a clear, effective and thoughtful communicator. She went above and beyond with very specific recommendations based on her findings. The clarity, expert advice and peace of mind provided by Dr. Kiepert Truong has been invaluable."

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