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Assessment & Evaluation

A First Foundation, LLC offers targeted, skill-based assessment and comprehensive literacy evaluation to help parents create an appropriate educational plan of action and understand their child's strengths so appropriate and effective school accommodations can me made.

What is involved in a comprehensive evaluation?

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide an in-depth description of your child’s current level of functioning in the following areas: phonological processing, single-word level reading, spelling, oral reading fluency, comprehension (reading and listening), vocabulary, written expression. Depending on the child’s age or ability, measures of print knowledge and sound/symbol knowledge and automaticity may also be administered. In some cases cognitive assessment and/or academic achievement testing may be recommended.

A comprehensive literacy evaluation may take anywhere from 120 – 240 minutes, over multiple sessions. In addition to testing, feedback from parents may be requested and, in some cases, school data needed from the parent regarding the child’s benchmark scores or academic progress. After the testing is completed, the parent/guardian will be contacted to discuss the evaluation results. A comprehensive report will be provided which outlines the child’s literacy profile as well as information about the measures used, strengths and needs, intervention and service recommendations, and school accommodation recommendations (if necessary).


Cost: full scale evaluations range $800 - $1100, skill-based, achievement or cognitive assessments range $200 - $400

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