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Our Services

1:1 Structured Literacy & Dyslexia Intervention

We provide evidence-based structured literacy instruction & dyslexia intervention grounded in the Orton-Gillingham Approach to learning to read, spell, and write. Sessions are tailored to each child's needs based on diagnostic assessment and individualized goals. Instruction may focus on: phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, handwriting, writing.


Lessons are explicit, systematic, and cumulative - meaning they move from simple skills to more complex and incorporate new learning with a review of previously taught skills. Interactive games and multisensory activities promote motivation in a developmentally appropriate way. Frequent progress monitoring helps to target specific skill sets each week. Sessions typically occur 1 - 3 times per week, based on individual needs, and last 1-hour. An initial data profile and progress reports are provided at no extra cost.

Tutoring Session
Literacy And Dyslexia Intervention
Child at Psychologist

1:1 Social Emotional Learning & Educational Therapy

Educational therapy helps children with learning differences to improve barriers they may have that impact their success in school. While every child's challenges differ, frequently educational therapy sessions address: social-emotional needs, self-concept and self-esteem, emotional regulation and control, development of executive function skills, behaviors affecting learning, or strategies to improve focus.

Lessons are explicit, systematic, and empower children with strategies they can apply to school, home, or social situations. Skill-development takes place through organized games and hands-on activities. Sessions typically occur once per week for 1-hour. Educational therapy is often recommended for children who are also receiving dyslexia intervention services. Please note, educational therapy is NOT talk/traditional therapy. Sessions allow your child to learn how they learn best and can use their strengths to succeed.

Eductioal Therapy

Parent Support

A First Foundation, LLC provides support to parents who are overwhelmed and unsure of how to navigate their child’s learning differences and help them succeed. Through evidence-based parenting strategies and psychoeducation – parents can improve family functioning, communication, and ease the stress and tension at home. Based in “parenting the positive discipline way,” parents can learn how to handle misbehavior, how to end homework conflicts, how to manage their child’s big emotions, time management tools, how to organize their environment for learning success, how to implement chores and routines, and more.

Parent support services are 100% individualized. Sessions can occur in 30-minute, 1-hour weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions, in-person or on a secure virtual platform. Inquire about group/workshop options.

Mother and Son
Parent Support
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