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Happy Kids with Books

Learning to read and write shouldn't feel like a chore.

literacy, language, & learning services located in Paoli, PA for children from preschool to elementary school.

Helping children thrive in school and beyond as independent & confident learners.

A First Foundation, LLC is an educational therapy practice that specializes in literacy and support for dyslexia, a language-based learning disorder, by using a multi-sensory, therapeutic approach that addresses the academic, cognitive, and social-emotional components of learning. We offer individual and group services for instruction and intervention, as well as comprehensive literacy evaluations and parenting support. 

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If your child....

  • Gets frustrated easily with homework

  • Guesses frequently at words

  • Has poor handwriting

  • Reads slowly or inaccurately

  • Has a hard time remembering letter sounds

  • Lacks self-esteem due to learning struggles 

  • Dislikes reading 

  • Seems to have a poor memory

  • Struggles with vocabulary 

  • Can't tell when two words rhyme

Junior Book Club

We Can Help

"Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational services and ensure each child is given the holistic support they need to become successful readers and writers - because they won't get a second chance to build a first foundation of early learning skills."

-- Dr. Marissa Kiepert Truong,


Our visual, kinesthetic, and tactile strategies make learning easier AND more enjoyable
Our evidence-based, structured literacy approach for learning to read, write, and spell helps ALL learners succeed
We recognize the interplay of academics, mental health, cognition, and behavior, which is why we incorporate social-emotional learning, self-regulation strategies, and growth mindset to foster whole child development

Our customized approach for individual and group services meets children where they are so they can build the confidence they need and deserve

We know that parenting a struggling child can be overwhelming, but we strive to make it easier through coaching, education and support



Our Services

1:1 Structured Literacy & Dyslexia Intervention

Structured literacy intervention grounded in the Orton-Gillingham Approach to learning to read, spell, and write supports ALL learners, including struggling readers, children at-risk for disabilities, or those diagnosed with dyslexia.

Interested Student

1:1 Social-Emotional Learning & Educational Therapy

Educational therapy helps children improve barriers to their learning success caused by lack of social skills, poor emotional regulation or executive function deficits so they can thrive in school and beyond.

Child Counseling

Skill-Based Assessment & Literacy Evaluation

Children can be more successful in their learning when challenges and difficulties are identified, especially at an early age. Our services are intended to help parents design a plan of action by outlining a comprehensive literacy profile, dive deeper into specific skill sets, or identify cognitive strengths or weakness that might interfere with learning. A parent consultation is included.

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We know that parenting a child with reading and writing struggles can sometimes feel overwhelming & affect the entire family system. Not sure what you can do to help your child? We offer positive parenting strategies and psychoeducation to help reduce your stress,  overwhelm, and support your child.

Learning Alphabets

Kindergarten Clubs


Are you looking to give your child a head start as they enter Kindergarten? Our "Kick-Start Kindergarten" Clubs focus on foundational literacy skills and are the perfect choice for any family looking to invest in their child's academic future. The clubs supplement a 1/2 day school program and are small group.

In the Classroom

Find answers to frequently asked questions.


Check out our office and learning space located in Paoli, PA.

Family Time

Read about how we have helped children and families who were in your shoes.

 Additional Services 

Curious what the right learning approach is for your child?

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A First Foundation, LLC helps parents gain an in-depth understanding of how their child learns best by using a diagnostic tool through a company called Mindprint Learning. Most academic assessments measure what a child does and does not know. MindPrint tells you why and recommends learning strategies personalized to your child's learning profile.


Just like a fingerprint, each child has a unique "MindPrint" that provides clear insight into how a they learn most efficiently and what supports they need to succeed. At the core of MindPrint is an hour-long online, self-administered cognitive assessment developed at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. The MindPrint Assessment measures the cognitive skills most closely correlated to success in academics and on standardized tests. 

Executive Functioning  


Complex Reasoning


Don't wait to discover your child's learning profile and gain personalized strategies that will support lifelong learning! Contact us today!

Child Psychologist

Ready to get started?

The first step is to fill out the pre-registration form below and we will contact you to set up an introductory phone call. During this initial consultation we will walk you through our process and answer questions you may have.

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